Porcaro Line Co. Ltd. is Exporter Company of MUTECH product.
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Company name: Porcaro Line Co. Ltd.

Managing director: Sadao Murayama

Establish: 2007

Address :
Porcaro Line Co.,Ltd.
201 Integrate Murakami 2-6-5 sumiyoshi Kotoh-Ward Tokyo Japan
ZipCode 135-0002
Tel; +81-3-5625-3505
Fax; +81-3-5625-3506

About us

Sadao Murayama managing director, Concurrently, he was continuing the band activity from school days with work of sound.
He plays drums.
And he thought to be a professional player in younger days.

The drummer he respects is Jeff Porcaro His famous career is TOTO / US Rock Band.
They released many album and came up with hits He also participated in a large number of sessions by all except for Toto at the same time.
Unfortunately he has died suddenly by an unexpected accident in 1992 when activity is prime time but many drummers respect his play even now and inscribed by a heart of a lot of musical fans. It was the feature that his drumming offers a groove to the musician playing together and gives the wonderful atmosphere to the whole music.

When being immersed in Jeff's play and groove as a listener, he has thought suddenly.
He considered a policy to his work.
As Jeff Porcaro offered nice music to various musicians and listeners, I thought there should be also something which can be offered to society by Murayama.

He would like to make a company as it gives delight for co-worker and user through music.
And in 2007 he named Porcaro Line.

"Line" is also significant.
Our company which is Importer Company imports a product from an overseas manufacturer and sells it by Japan.
An agency and a store exist during the distribution before the user gets the goods The various media are also indispensable as a place of AD and presentation.
There is effort of quite many persons in distribution of a product before it reaches the first user.
This system was regarded as one straight “line” in our company, and thought so everyone who works tasted gladness about sale of a product, and business was concluded. Finally “Porcaro” as a keyword for work and “Line” as a keyword for sales are related.

Managing director: Sadao Murayama

Porcaro Line Co.,Ltd.
201 Integrate Murakami
2-6-5 sumiyoshi
Tokyo Japan
Tel: +81-3-5625-3505
Fax: +81-3-5625-3506

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