Yokeless Ring Magnet MC Cartridge


Eiji Kanda of MUTECH who created a furor by LM-H and RM-KANDA finished Brand-new MC Cartridge RM-KANDA零ZERO by the method that he studied for many years. He was admired by much analog audio system fans by LM-H and RM-KANDA using very unique ring magnet circuit This is because lost signal cannot be restored to the original state by no means afterwards. The idea of the structure called the ring magnet circuit and injection of the new material called neodymium. He who understood it than anyone else built up the special cartridge which won the high output while being low impedance in this way.

However, his state of mind was complicated. He thought that it was still less over if he got a high evaluation. He who was devoted to the research and development of the MC type cartridge for 50 years or more decided to practice own idea at last. it is good old but new. He adopted a direct coupling method to connect direct lead wire from the generation coil which he studied for many years. DCR was 0.2Ω from generation coil to end of head shell on RM-KANDA. it is 0.05Ωon ZERO! Therefore he examined a lead wire closely so that a pure signal did not deteriorate. He adopted PC triple C made in SAEC Corporation in Japan to a lead wire and adopted Teflon in insulating material. Ring pin on terminal of head shell is made by new material. He achieved highly efficient signal transmission by a special method to put platinum plating for a phosphor bronze on the body and rhodium plating on the top more. RM-KANDA ZERO arrived at the new stage “nothing added together not not drawn anything” by Kanda’s untiring efforts and his thought was reflected with deep natural sound. This is not at all exaggerated expression. As Kanda told that the sound is more natural and smooth and middle low frequency is substantial more than before, Reduction of DCR makes high slew rate and express energy of the music straight.


〇Direct coupling way which connect direct lead wire. DCR is only 0.05Ω.
〇Black rhodium plating for the first time in the industry. Low impedance High output ( 0.5mV )with placing original Core(SS-μM) into the magnetic material Neodymium.
〇Removed Yoke, place Core ( SS-μM)into Ring Magnet directly, the magnetic special quality is improved. The magnetic distortion is avoided.
〇The impedance of Coil is so small, that an electric current to the voltage becomes high. Finally the sound stage is made clear.
〇Original custom made suspension wire made sound quality highly.


・Electricity generating system:Yokeless Ring Magnet MC Cartridge
・Output voltage:0.5mmV ( 1kHz, 3.45cm/sec)  
・Tracking force range:1.8~2.0g
・Frequency response:10~45,000Hz
・Coil impedance:2.0Ω(DCR) 
・Cross Talk:more28dB(1kHz)
・Chanel balance:less 0.5db(1kHz)
・Stylus:semi-line contact stylus
   ・Cantilever:φ0.3mm nude boron 
・Needle exchange:exchange of electricity generating unit

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